R3V Facilitator Update Week 38

It’s been a rewarding couple of weeks facilitating the work of R3V, plus, we all got to hear, smell, and feel the rain again.

Housing Working Group

  • In our Collective Impact meeting this month we gathered questions for Direct Housing communications about possible extensions of the direct housing in hotels, RV parks, and FEMA trailers as well as the FEMA trailer purchase and donations programs.  While there is a lot of work being done to support those in temporary housing, those residents don’t seem to have a clear picture of the path ahead.  Who can help them with clear information and when can their options be communicated to them?
  • The group discussed what data  would be helpful about housing options, who might compile, present, and update the data.
  • Representative Pam Marsh will host an update on the mobile home situations on the evening of Oct 20. Save the date and watch for details to come.
  • We talked about how we might help advance attainable housing development and landed on:
    • Coordinate land availability discussions to turn a competitive process into a collaborative one in the Rogue Valley
    • What policy changes would support the development of attainable housing?  We are pulling together a white paper of recommendations for various actors in the housing equation across sectors
  • R3V has been pulling together basic information on attainable housing development and how we might move towards more supply here in the Valley.
  • Land availability research
    • Discussing how this works with developers and consultants active in local land acquisition work.
    • Outreach to land owners who might be interested in supporting attainable housing development.
  • Promotion of ADU development
    • How can the community support the development of more ADU housing in the Rogue Valley?  Promotion of awareness and  knowledge of options, opportunities for efficiency, fire wise. And accessibility, benefits, constraints, and process ?
      • Align with city of Talent planning commission promotion efforts
      • Support development of a presentation to the Talent City Council re the urgency of need. 
      • Schedule a review of the case for ADU promotion in a council work session
      • Educate city councilors and the public on the issue and opportunities to add units to existing and new homes.
      • Work with single family residential developers on optimizing their site plans for future ADU development.
    • Updated Housing Working Group page on the website

Community Rebuilding Working Group

Backbone Organization for Collective Impact

  • Refocusing our large CI meetings on bringing in outside experts to support our learnings around attainable housing and community rebuilding
    • Potential topics for next meeting 
      • Attainable housing 
      • Greenway project updates and future opportunities update by Jim Pearman, FEMA

As ever, please invite anyone in our community who you think should be included in our conversations. The easy way is to share our events calendar with them via this link so they can find all the details about the meeting in one place.

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