Community Visioning Opportunities February 2022 Collective Impact Meeting

Goal of the meeting

How do we prepare ourselves as a community to meet these opportunities to re-envision parts of our valley?

The agenda is here

Why it’s important

These projects represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re envision what our fire-affected communities will be like to live in. The fires were a terrible reset for the Greenway and SR99 between Ashland and South Medford.

Outcomes of the meeting

Our discussion resulted in some interesting opportunities for the project leads to share information on community values, priorities, and ideas across the projects. It was agreed that the community recovery plan could serve as connective tissue between the limited scope and technical focuses of the TGM and Greenway projects. This connective tissue would extend out to address some of the larger issues like economic and tourism development and the larger Community goals of resilience, inclusion, and equity. R3v and LTRG will follow up with the project leads so that opportunities for community input can be publicized and made as accessible as possible to a representative variety of stakeholders.

The panel

Questions addressed

  • Opportunities  
  • Who leads the projects?
    • Project leadership
      • Consultants
      • Government representatives
    • Public advisory committees
    • Technical advisory committees
    • Others?
  • Community involvement – How can various sectors and citizens support the project?
    •  Public comment
      • In meetings
      • In writing
    • Workshops and charrettes
    • Other opportunities
  • Challenges
    • How do community members miss these opportunities? 
    • Ways to overcome language, logistical, and cultural barriers?
    • How can we prepare ourselves to make the best contribution possible in these processes?
  • Next steps towards community visioning?
    • How might the community educate itself as to process and possibilities to envision?
    • Should community groups identify their key visions and concerns beforehand?
    • Should spokespeople be chosen, trained, and empowered by community groups?
    • How can the community help create the political will to implement the recommendations of these projects?

Video of the discussion

Video starts just after Steve Lambert of Jackson County Parks introduces himself (sorry, Steve!)

Laura Buhl’s slide:

Lauras Buhls slide on TGM project inputs

A couple of slides we presented in the meeting to offer context on the projects

Transcription of the discussion

Chat transcript is here

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