Expand Access to Spanish Adult Literacy Project

R3V has been honored to help facilitate a conversation among community partners seeking to expand opportunities for Spanish-speaking adults to gain basic literacy and numeracy skills to improve their work prospects. The goal is to create a feeder system to expansion of Head Start’s LISTO family literacy program. Partners LISTO program of Head Start OnTrack […]

R3V Collective Impact Meeting – Economic Recovery – December 1, 2021

We have another great panel discussion with updates on Economic Recovery. We also discuss our Land Availability Project. Our panelists included: Colleen/Terrill, SOREDI Marshall Doak, SBDC Jon Legarza, TURA Tucker Teutsch, Remake Talent, Business Zone Captains Marta Tarantsey, Business Oregon Some questions we are asking our community leaders are: What progress are we making in […]

Find Land For Affordable and Attainable Housing

Goal To work as a community to connect with land owners who might be interested in making their land available to meet the housing needs of our community.   Project Context As we know, the fires of 2020 took out nearly 1,700 affordable and attainable homes in Phoenix and Talent.  Private developers are meeting market demand […]

Creating Sustainable Long-Term Recovery: It Takes All of Us

We’re so happy to support these people and their efforts turning tragedy into transformation! Long term recovery and sustainability. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” -Rahm Emanuel

Community-Driven Leadership

We partnered with Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) and had a great discussion with Ashland city leaders Mayor Julie Akins and Interim City Manager Gary Milliman it was moderated by Stephen Bárczay Sloan of the Humane Leadership Institute and Local Innovation Works.  We explored ideas on how the community can work with city staff […]

Local Partners Support Almeda Fire Recovery Zone Captains

Here’s a great video from The Mail Tribune on some of our work in the community.  Zone captains work to connect neighbors in the fire affected areas to each other, to important information, and to resources to help speed recovery. Zone captains is a partnership with founding organization, Remake Talent and Rogue Workforce Partnership who […]

R3V Facilitator Update Week 44

My focus since our last update has been to build our connections and insights into the question of attainable housing and support trust and community building.  Housing Working Group  Talked with  Derek Sherrell, Talent planning commissioner, about promoting ADU development Margaret Van Vliet of Trillium Advisors about attainable housing. Joe Vollmar and Carrie Bogen of […]

R3V Facilitator Update Week 42

It was another rewarding few weeks at R3V.  We have chosen to move our updates to align with our Steering Committee meetings, so this report covers three weeks, 39-41 and is issued in Week 42. My focus since our last update has been to engage a broader set of community members in the working group […]

Adult Spanish Literacy Program

Goal of the project To create an accessible program to support Spanish-speaking adults with basic Spanish literacy instruction leading towards greater empowerment and a GED certificate via the existing INEA program offered by the Mexican government to support adults earning their Primeria and Secondaria diplomas. The challenge Existing programs at LISTO and OnTrack can meet […]