Assumptions, Practices, & Goals

Underlying Assumptions & Practices: 

  • The disasters of 2020 can inspire us to create better and bolder solutions, not just incremental moves towards better rebuilding. 
  • Our challenges can help us build resilience and create more inclusive and equitable systems of care and development.
  • Recognition that all people across all sectors and communities must work together to lift ourselves and each other up after the disasters. 
  • People in leadership and support roles reflect the full diversity of our community. 
  • Because equity, inclusiveness and diversity improves the quality of ideas and life for everyone, bringing in underrepresented voices makes for a more robust and resilient community. 
  • A full range of housing options will require active public/private collaboration. 


  1. Reimagine & Rebuild better affordable workforce & low income housing that provides an array of options to build family stability.
  2. Build a more equitable and inclusive community recognizing the diversity of backgrounds & perspectives.  
  3. Reimagine & Recover the regional economy post COVID & Fire Disasters in a way that we have a valley that works for everyone.  Reimagine & Rebuild local and regional businesses post COVID & Fire disasters
  4. Reimagine & Rebuild resilient public infrastructure. Climate change & environment are included in how we forward Resilience.
  5. Reimagine & Rebuild the education pathways preK-16.

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