Mission, Vision, & Values

Vision- an image of our desired future by 2030

A collective reality that resulted from the participation of all interested community stakeholders, and fire survivor residents that connects Rogue Valley communities into a resilient region that offers abundant opportunity and housing options.

The Rogue Valley provides affordable workforce housing to meet the demands of local and regional businesses. Affordable housing is a mix of public and private, housing cooperatives, land trusts and public housing. Transitional housing exists and supports individuals and families to move to more permanency. Wildfire resiliency has been key to rebuilding back the areas devastated by the Almeda fire. Wildfire mitigation continues to be a constant thread of public and private forest lands surrounding the Valley. 

The Phoenix-Talent School District enjoys a student body that mirrors their 2020 demographic profile and continues to involve local Businesses/Community Organizations /Higher Education/Maker spaces for  workforce training and career pathways. The School district continues its strong ties throughout grades 8-12 with Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University to nurture a higher education seeking student body. 

Businesses and multifamily mixed housing surround the Highway 99 corridor increasing use of public transportation and foot traffic to work and school. Bear Creek Greenway and Bear Creek are well used and cared for with increasing numbers of fish species returning to spawn.  The business economy is thriving as a result of investments made and opportunities created in the years 2021-2025.

Housing and businesses built after 2021 orient towards the town centers or the Greenway to increase as sense of community and connection to the natural environment. Rental housing is available and in alignment with work force wages. Employment is high and the economy is increasingly diverse and robust. 

Parks and roads are expanded beyond the 2020 footprint, the urban design created through an inclusive community wide process using multilingual activities and surveys has created a vibrant by-way and increased economic reality for the 99 corridor and the towns of Phoenix & Talent. 

The community leadership reflects the diversity of residents living in those communities and resident engagement is high using multilingual and learning style approaches to ensure active engagement. Public meetings are started with asking “who are we missing that should be in this meeting or be part of our thinking on this issue?”

Strong public private partnerships exist and incubate innovation for all sectors of the community. 

MISSION  (Whether you call it a mission or purpose, it represents the fundamental reason for the organization’s existence.)   

We expand the community circle of prosperity and resilience by reimagining, redesigning and rebuilding the Rogue Valley’s community, economy, and housing options. 

VALUES (Values describe how we intend to operate, on a day-by-day basis, as we pursue our vision.)   

We demonstrate inclusivity by involving all interested Rogue Valley residents and fire survivors in community reimagining & redesigning processes. 

We build equity by intentionally representing Rogue Valley residents, businesses, local governments, organizations and programs that serve a diversity of residents in reimagining and rebuilding processes.  Community programs and organizations know and adapt information and processes to meet residents where they are most comfortable and in the language or context that is most familiar and engaging. 

We demonstrate transparent communications by adapting as we learn what messages are and are not landing with the communities involved. We require everyone to be a communicator and everyone to help lift up questions or concerns in order to ensure all parts of our community are represented. We ask “whose voice is missing?” “What is the best way to communicate?” 

We earn trust by practicing transparency, encouraging input and feedback and following through on what is asked of each of us who are involved. 

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