Essentials of Land Leasing for Owners

Why lease out your land?  The challenge is that we are very short on housing for working families.  One reason is that when land becomes available private developers often focus on the “highest and best use” which around here often means building $400,000 condos for retirees. The problem is that our essential workers, in healthcare, […]

Accessory Dwelling Unit

What is an ADU? ADU is short for Accessory Dwelling Unit.  It can be accessory to detached single-family homes, townhouses, manufactured homes and duplex dwellings on their own lot. Jump to your town’s ADU rules: Medford – Phoenix – Talent – Ashland – Central Point – Jackson County If you are a professional homebuilder, see […]

Affordable Housing Toolkit

ECONorthwest put together a very useful list of options for easing the development of affordable housing that might be extended to the development of attainable housing as well. View the document here.

Expand Access to Spanish Adult Literacy Project

R3V has been honored to help facilitate a conversation among community partners seeking to expand opportunities for Spanish-speaking adults to gain basic literacy and numeracy skills to improve their work prospects. The goal is to create a feeder system to expansion of Head Start’s LISTO family literacy program. Partners LISTO program of Head Start OnTrack […]

Find Land For Affordable and Attainable Housing

Goal To work as a community to connect with land owners who might be interested in making To support mission-driven landowners (faith-based organizations, governments, educational institutions, business, etc.) in thoughtfully pursuing affordable and attainable housing development on their properties. Context As we know, the fires of 2020 destroyed nearly 1,700 affordable and attainable homes in […]

Local Partners Support Almeda Fire Recovery Zone Captains

Here’s a great video from The Mail Tribune on some of our work in the community.  Zone captains work to connect neighbors in the fire affected areas to each other, to important information, and to resources to help speed recovery. Zone captains is a partnership with founding organization, Remake Talent and Rogue Workforce Partnership who […]