Find Land For Affordable and Attainable Housing


To work as a community to connect with land owners who might be interested in making their land available to meet the housing needs of our community.  

Project Context

As we know, the fires of 2020 took out nearly 1,700 affordable and attainable homes in Phoenix and Talent.  Private developers are meeting market demand for nice, new homes, but are  not building enough housing for our essential workers and those in lower earning periods of their lives.  Front line and middle managers, seniors, young couples, and those who cannot work. 

Our Approach

Our goal now is to begin conversations with people who own land and want to make a difference in their community, whether by selling, leasing, or donating the land into a mission-driven development opportunity.

Ideal land characteristics – all are flexible

  • 1 acre and larger
  • Inside urban growth boundary
  • Zoned multifamily residential, commercial, or single family residential
  • Near transit

Types of development envisioned

The goal is permanent, owner-occupied housing wherever possible, not transitional housing.

  • Starter homes for sale
  • Cottage clusters
  • Duplexes to Quads
  • Multifamily apartments
  • Cooperatively owned mobile home parks

Land owners of particular interest

We believe that mainline denomination faith-based organizations could align with both shared values and ownership of available land.

Long time landowners who have not sold out of a sense of stewardship for the land and our community could also be interested.

How you can help

  • Think of anyone in your circles who may own land and has a heart for this community.

If you have someone in mind

  • Show them this page and ask them if they would be willing to discuss making the land available for this type of development.
  • Begin a conversation to explore their level of interest and the land they might have available.
  • Introduce them to Stephen at R3V to continue the conversation and begin moving towards connecting with mission-driven developers.

Thank you, 

And the R3V Housing Working Group

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