R3V Collective Impact Meeting – Economic Recovery – December 1, 2021

We had a great panel discussion with updates on Economic Recovery this week.

We also discussed our Land Availability Project.

Our economic recovery panelists included:

  • Colleen/Terrill, SOREDI
  • Marshall Doak, SBDC
  • Jon Legarza, TURA
  • Tucker Teutsch, Remake Talent, Business Zone Captains
  • Marta Tarantsey, Business Oregon

Some questions we are asking our community leaders are:

  • What progress are we making in terms of economic recovery since 2020?
  • What’s coming next?
  • What have we learned about economic growth and recovery this last year?
  • What could we do as a community to spread and accelerate recovery?
  • What challenges and opportunities do you see around long-term prosperity in the Rogue Valley?

Some of the key takeaways for us were:

  • Overall recovery from the fires and Covid-19 has been slow. 17 of 104 companies affected by the fires have firm plans to reopen. Despite what feels to us like a slow pace, Jackson County is seen as an example of what an engaged, creative community can do to support economic recovery.
  • Affordable and attainable housing for workers remains an issue in bringing new talent and employers to the valley
  • Number one issue is finding skilled workers to hire for tradable sector companies (those who sell outside the local market) according to SOREDI
  • Childcare is an ongoing challenge for many working families. We lost providers in the fire and retaining staff is a challenge
  • Capture our learnings as a community into a Recovery Playbook – Legarza
  • Ways to support business recovery – Legarza
    • Expedite planning processes for companies rebuilding or expanding
    • Fund market studies to identify new opportunities for businesses
    • Continue to support high school and RCC vocational education in their efforts to skill up a new generation of workers
    • Shop locally, especially with fire-affected businesses this holiday
    • SOREDI focus on cataloging “employer ready” land in the county and promote the valley as a place to expand operations
  • Lots of resources are flowing toward the valley from Federal and State programs, summarized by Marta in these slides

Chat transcript Here

The meeting agenda is here.

Thanks to all who participated!

A sign of the times and bit of levity

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