Equity and Inclusion Meeting on June 30th

Featuring discussions about equity and inclusion in the recovery and rebuilding process with various guests from around the Rogue Valley. There is a break in the conversation from about 50 minutes to 1 hour, so feel free to skip ahead. The chat transcript and links are included below.

Our Meeting Agenda: https://rthreev.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/210630-R3V-Reimagine-Rebuild-Rogue-Valley-Meeting-Agenda-Equity-and-Inclusion-in-the-Rebuilding-Process.pdf

Email Ellie Holty: ellie@localinnovation.works

Click here for the PDF of the chat transcript from the meeting.

Disaster Preparedness Meeting on June 16th 2021

Featuring talks on Local Disaster Preparedness by Holly and Dorie and a Disaster Registry by Cassie Top Ten Things You Can Do Now to Prepare your Community Organization Like on the airplane: Put your oxygen mask on first! What is your personal preparation plan? Do you have a list of what you should have? https://www.ready.gov/build-a-kit […]

Cómo reconstruir después de un incendio: Información y recursos de recuperación

Hemos encontrado útiles los siguientes recursos e información sobre la reconstrucción después de incendios forestales. Aunque no respaldamos oficialmente estas organizaciones externas, esperamos que se beneficien de ellas y especialmente del siguiente documento: Póngase en contacto con su aseguradora lo antes posible para presentar la reclamación: Averigüe si los gastos de alojamiento temporal y otros […]

How to Rebuild After A Fire: Recovery Resources and Information

We found the following wildfire rebuild resources and information helpful. While we do not officially endorse these external organizations, we hope that you benefit from them and especially the following document: Here is an eye-opening talk discussing the difficulties of rebuilding after fires in the West: Here is a link to a resource page by […]

R3V Meeting on April 7th, 2021 – Housing Recovery

Here is a video of our April 7th meeting; we started recording a bit after the meeting started, sorry. Strengthening the Safety Net in Butte County: https://92834669-3457-4909-bc7c-6e94197d5ac5.filesusr.com/ugd/26589b_7fd90be0abc44c2091b0da902402c8ca.pdf Oregon Latinx Leader Network: https://www.olln.org/about-us Email Kim Travis: kim.travis@oregon.gov The following is the chat transcript from the meeting: Click here for the PDF.