Adult Spanish Literacy Program

Goal of the project

To create an accessible program to support Spanish-speaking adults with basic Spanish literacy instruction leading towards greater empowerment and a GED certificate via the existing INEA program offered by the Mexican government to support adults earning their Primeria and Secondaria diplomas.

The challenge

Existing programs at LISTO and OnTrack can meet only small portions of the need in the community. A program that adds significantly to both the variety of community members who can be served and the length of time they can participate in the program is warranted to meet the existing need.


  • Rachelle Schaaf, SO Head Start
  • Patty Gutierrez, LISTO
  • Eddie Wallace, OnTrack
  • Jocksana Corona, OnTrack
  • Josh Guerrero, OnTrack
  • Ailym Pinero Requena, RCC and LISTO
  • Lilia Caballero, LINC and Medford Police, sponsor
  • Stephen Sloan, R3V, facilitator

Open questions

  • Who can hold the program for the community at large across the coming years? The Jackson County Library System is a strong possibility for leading this work.
  • Where might we find funding for the expanded program?
  • How can labor be divided and capacity shared across organizations to integrate with INEA?
  • Who could be trained to support students? Might volunteers be able to help?
  • Where could students and teachers meet?
  • How might students be supported with any technology required?

R3V’s role

Facilitation of community conversations and collaborative project work leading to an expanded Adult Spanish Literacy program.

R3V working group supporting the work

Community Rebuilding Working Group

Opportunities to Participate

The project team meets as needed, our next meeting is planned for October 21. Contact us to learn more.

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