R3V Facilitator Update Week 42

It was another rewarding few weeks at R3V. 

We have chosen to move our updates to align with our Steering Committee meetings, so this report covers three weeks, 39-41 and is issued in Week 42.

My focus since our last update has been to engage a broader set of community members in the working group projects we’re currently working. 

Housing Working Group 

  • Talked with 
    • Tom Kemper re land availability and attainable housing friendly development policies
    • Kristen Maze re ADU promotion, connecting us with a member of their planning commission committed to promoting ADU development
    • Jason Elzy, set up attainability conversation for 10/20 
    • EJ McManus of Lithia motors re attainable housing shortage, impacts on employers, and ways to build more locally.
  • Land availability outreach started with Ag employers and faith-based organizations.
  • Toured the Gateway project with Jon Lagarza and Peoples’ Bank

Community Rebuilding Working Group

  • Ongoing project work outlined and clarified between LTRG and R3V here
  • Supporting JCC LTRG monthly newsletter production and distribution
  • Facilitated an Adult Spanish Literacy lessons community discussion in partnership with Listo, OnTrack, and Lilia C. (Carmen) Caballero
  • Supported Zone Captains request about an ongoing water quality issue at Whispering Pines mobile home park.
  • Supported ZC with request for data on live interpretation for City of Phoenix city council meetings.
  • Designed training plans for Zone Captains
  • Opportunity for Latino/a/x leaders to join OCF’s Latin Partnership Program Conexiones summit November 1 & 2, 2021 details here

Backbone Organization for Collective Impact

  • R3V Dashboard published for transparency and continuous communication.
  • Additional $70,000 grant for 2022 from OCF for R3V continued efforts to “to facilitate and coordinate collaboration across organizations involved in fire recovery in the interest of community transformation towards our values of efficiency, equity, and inclusion.“
  • Conversation with Peter Buckley on Collective Impact organization best practices.
  • Exploratory conversations on Economy working group with Marta Tarantsey of Business Oregon and Terrill Roper of SOREDI
  • Rescheduled 10/20 CI meeting to 10/27. Agenda:
    • Greenway project updates and future opportunities update by Jim Pearman, FEMA
    • Attainable housing panel discussion – Jason Elzy, Carrie Borgen, EJ McManus (Lithia Motors), Harry Weiss (MURA).

As ever, please invite anyone in our community who you think should be included in our conversations.

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